Saturday, April 5, 2014

Progress and set backs

I managed to move the Nasturtiums and tomatoes to bigger individual containers this week and gave them a dose of fish fertilizer for a little boost.  I then put the dome back on the other babies because the Marjoram made it very clear that they weren't all promptly dying the day I removed the dome.  Ouch.  I reseeded those along with a few lost sage and lavender, but you can't make them all happy and the few baby Nasturtiums that weren't ready to make the leap to independence decided to voice their protest of being treated like infants and being put back under the dome by dying almost immediately.  Everything wants to make a statement.  Oh well....I managed to keep the tomatoes and Nasturtiums that I did move very much
 alive, which is a first for me (to have a successful transplant like that without casualties).  Woohoo!!  Here are a few pics.  Also, I was supposed to start the Kohlrabi outside on March far, no luck with that since the soil still tends to be pretty hard.  Hopefully soon I can get out to the new plots and put those seeds in the ground!

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