Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's On the Menu - 4/2-4/9

Friday - I woke up to find my carrot bread was moldy! Not only that but I was completely out of all food and the only thing I had left was my food for lunch. So I had to buy Rice Chex from the cafeteria. Lunch was leftover BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes from Barley's Smokehouse. My snack was a local apple. Dinner was the pasta escapade and then we had snacks of local cheese and homemade crackers. For dessert, we had some cookies that were frozen and not local but they were left over from a batch that was a gift.
Saturday - Breakfast was a guilty indulgence of apple coffee cake from Sue's Bakery at the market (Typically Jacob and I will get something from her each week. It's not local ingredients, but it is locally made by a very wonderful person so we want to do our little part to support her and have an excuse to stand and chat for a while). For dinner we grilled Gerber's kielbasa and grass fed beef hamburgers with locally made bread for burger buns. We had a side of Nathan's local pickles and mashed potatoes which I mixed with some wild onions from our backyard, Snowville Creamery milk, Horizon sour cream (we had it left over from a birthday cake), Amish butter, and Meadow Maid grass fed organic cheese and then baked it for a little bit. For dessert, we had a chocolate Guinness cake that was a special birthday cake that caused us to break the rules for an evening (we did still use as many local/organic ingredients as possible).
Sunday - Aside from leftovers, we had an Easter dinner and snacks with my parents, which weren't local, but because it was a family meal, we let it slide.
Meals for the Work Week - Breakfast was the local bread we bought for the burgers with local strawberry jam. I also indulged in some hot chocolate type drinks throughout the week which are left over from our processed food days. Lunches were either leftover pasta and sauce or leftover chicken and rice pilaf from Easter dinner. Dinners were leftover kielbasa, burgers, and potatoes or leftover chicken and rice pilaf all with local lettuces as a salad. Wednesday I went to dinner at Fiesta Jalisco with my mom which wasn't local but we are allowed to go to restaurants according to our rules of the diet. My snacks consisted of local apples, carrots, and celery. I am so grateful to a coworker who brought in some beautiful, large, delicious apples grown by her son so she saved me from depending on the tiny Ohio gala apples I bought from Whole Foods. Desserts were fair trade chocolate bars and leftover cake. Overall, my track record for the week was not fantastic, but the philosophy for this week was waste not, want not.

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