Monday, April 5, 2010

Bottling day

Saturday was bottling day and two of my friends, Hayes Griffin and Grant Dubbe came by to help. It's kind of a three person job to keep things moving. One to fill the bottles, one to cap, and one to pass empty bottles and grab the capped ones. We added the priming sugar to a couple cups of hot water and mixed it in with the beer and started bottling. Once we got rolling it didn't take too long, and there were not nearly so many spills this time around. All together, we got 48 bottles, an even two cases! They should be ready and fully carbonated in a couple of weeks. One thing I'd like to improve on is keeping as little of the "trub", AKA Shit at the Bottom of the Bucket, from escaping and ending up in the bottled beer. It's not a huge deal because it settles at the bottom of the bottle anyway and you just don't drink it dry, but it is kind of unsightly and if you do happen to get a taste, it's not so pleasant. Hayes mentioned using a coffee filter, so maybe I'll pick some up next time I bottle.

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  1. Hey now! It takes 4 people because someone (me) has to take all the awesome pics of you guys!!