Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This post is long overdue!!!  I got overambitious and planted a bunch of stuff during the warm streak in January.  Out of that, the peas and onions have done really well but it was pretty much a total replant of the spinach and beets.  I've got a good batch of cabbage and leeks in the starter station that are being hardened off and a weak batch of giant kohlrabi that have been unhappy since day one.  In the basement we've also got tomatoes (3 varieties), peppers (2 varieties), basil, chamomile, lavender, winter squash (4 varieties), and quinoa!  Outside, the garlic is also growing well along with the sunchokes.  I also just seeded (and reseeded a few) broccoli, arugula, sorrel, kale, and carrots.  There is something munching on the few baby spinach that made it through the horrible cold, so I'll probably be putting some row covers back out to shield them.  I need to get some pea trellises rigged up - I'm always late on these!!  Finally, we've managed to find a way to keep the dog out (aka a leash) but the cats have been using my raised beds as a litter box.  I'm testing the chili powder method (sprinkle it on the dirt, they lick their paws and hate it so they avoid it) but any other suggestions would be most welcome!!  Here are some pics!

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