Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Seedlings!

The germination station is officially active and working overtime! On Sunday 2/27 we started the leeks and ground cherries in seedling trays with a special seed starting mix. We knew we wanted at least 117 leeks based on our garden plan. Although our garden plan calls for 117 leeks, I think we will probably need fewer because we got Bulgarian Giant Leeks which could be way too big for square foot gardening general spacing (9 leeks per square). Our plan calls for two ground cherries, but I am willing to scatter a few more around the house, so I started nine. We also started the Early Jalapenos, Jimmy Nardellos, Snow White Tomatoes, and Amish Paste Tomatoes on March 1. We started a few extra of each plant, but our base numbers for what we need are 12 Amish Paste, 3 Snow White, 8 Jimmy Nardello, and 12 Early Jalapeno.
The leeks have sprouted and we are holding our breath to see the germination rates of the others.

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